3rd November 2013

I finished 2 little cardigans for a friends grandson.

Here is the first one. It is really a lovely dark blue. Ravelry link


Here is the second. The colour is really a lovely lime green. Ravelry link


The sweet little buttons I got from the wool shop in Blackheath

I really enjoyed making these and the wool I used was just gorgeous Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply and machine washable for the new mum
I love knitting little baby things,they are so sweet and knit up so quickly

Now if only the new mum will give me an address to mail them to!

16th August 2013

Growth in the garden

A sure sign spring is on its way


Our nectarine is blossoming

The vegie garden has gone to hell in a hand basket. Most things have bolted and gone to seed due to our unseasonably warm weather.
I think we will dig it all up,put it in the compost and start again.

Yesterday my back was a bit better but my hands weren’t happy ,swollen and refusing to work. Many tremors in my left arm.

Luna is my constant companion. When she isn’t yowling for food. Lol.

Divine wool for a new project. Aren’t the colours gorgeous?
Have to go,Luna is starving again………lol