A very full week.

This week has has been huge and not all of it was good.
Sunday we discovered we had no hot water. As it was a long weekend here we didn’t get a plumber until Tuesday.

Having washes in the sink is not fun,esp for 3 teenage girls,but we managed.
Hot water was returned by Wednesday morning as we had to wait for the tank to fill and heat up. Right in time for Miss Lizzie’s for day in Year 12.

Tuesday night was very traumatic for us all as Miss Lizzie’s beloved rabbit Cappuccino passed away very suddenly in front of us all. One minute he was there,the next he was gone. We will all miss him terribly

While we were all very upset about Cappy,I got a shocking headache on the very top of my head. The pain was off the scale and I didn’t know whether to pass out or throw up. It was dreadful. My head is still sore. After a bit of investigation ,it seems it is called a ” thunderclap ” headache and rightly so. I’ll be speaking to my gp about it tomorrow.

Miss Lizzie returned to school,on Wednesday.

Miss Annie and Miss Mary went back to school on Thursday and both are pretty happy with their teachers.

The plumbers came back to finish of the job and we ended up with no hot water AGAIN until Saturday morning. It was very trying.

I had made an appointment to see a specialist after my positive fecal blood test. The appt was March 30th. After getting my test results ,they rang me with an appt on Friday. I have to say,I was pretty scared. I hadn’t asked to be put one cancellation list. My appt was at 12 noon. The doctor was lovely and I am booked in on the 3rd of March for a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy. Needless to say I’m worried.

On Saturday morning we went to a friend of Miss Mary’s to pick up these gorgeous critters
This is Miss Minerva

This is Loki

The plans for the kittens had been in place for a few weeks before Cappy passed away. They are a welcome distraction after losing Cappy.
We are keeping the kittens in Miss Mary’s room for a few dates to get them used to us and hopefully get the other cars used to them. When we brought them in from the car,Calypso took one look and hid in our wardrobe. Luna looked terrified but has since showed some interest.

Zeus,our black outdoor cat,has taken up residence a couple of houses up. We thought he had died as we hadn’t seen him for about 2 weeks. Miss Lizzie found him in their front yard. Seems they are feeding him and he has his own box on their porch. He is very reluctant to come home. I did suggest they stop feeding him so he will come home but obviously they haven’t.


Winter holidays

I finally finished Miss Lizzie’s cardigan.
I started it last august and it got too hot to knit during our very warm spring as it is knitted all in one piece.
Then there was the problem of choosing buttons.
I think it turned out pretty well.

Miss Lizzie was pleased too

We have a new kitty coming to visit. He is a little Siamese kitten and is just gorgeous. He has the most divine blue eyes and obviously lives with Raffy. He came to visit yesterday and we had lots of fun playing with him and patting him. He is very friendly and very cute!

I forgot to tell you that back on Miss Lizzie’s birthday we managed to set fire to one of the cats! We had candles on the table and Calypso jumped up on the table and brushed against a candle and caught fire! Thankfully only the very long bits of fur caught alight and then the fire went out as it came to get very thick fur. We all yelled at her and scared her to bits. The smell of singed cat fur leaves a LOT to be desired and we had to open all the windows to get rid of the horrible smell.

We went to katoomba yesterday to pick up Miss Annie’s new glasses. She loves them and is thrilled that she can see so much better. We went to The Little Paris Cafe in katoomba for morning tea. I love going there,the staff are always lovely,the service wonderful and the food and drinks are divine. I had a cappuccino and the girls had hot chocolates

Sadly I did something to my shoulder while I was out and spent the next 18 hours in extreme pain. I had a pain patch on and took some pain killers. Nothing helped. Thankfully a nights sleep seems to have helped bit I am still stiff and sore. The joys of fibro.

And the beat goes on…..

Lots of things have been happening………

The girls went to a comic-con event and had a ball. DH took them and spent 4 hrs wandering around nearby parkland. They got to see Grant from Mythbusters ,John Barrowman from Doctor Who and Torchwood and Stan Lee. They saw tons of people in cosplay and came home exhausted but thrilled to bits.

They all went to our Winter Magic festival. It was freezing but they all had a great time. Lots of free food (always a hit lol) Miss Annie came home with a gorgeous skein of wool for me.

I decided not to go to either of these events as walking almost anywhere just exhausts me and I didn’t want to keep the girls from enjoying themselves.

I cut my hair,well I actually shaved most of it off. It was driving me nuts as I sweat a large amount on my head. It is very freeing but I look like a cancer survivor.

The tremors on my left arm have been getting worse,they aren’t as frequent but seem to be more violent. The everlasting headache is still hanging in there,9 months now. The shakes are more prevalent now making doing fine motor things difficult.
A couple of days ago I twisted my knee,I was sitting down and turned in my chair with my hand on my knee.i felt my knee slide out under my hand and I screamed from the pain. It went back in but boy was it sore. Don’t think I fancy doing that again.
The black dog has been visiting again. He seems to have taken up permanent residence. It’s hard……very hard.

We celebrated Miss Lizzie’s 17th birthday. We just did pressies and dinner and cake. Miss Annie made a lovely chocolate cake and made it gluten free so I could have some too. Her favourite presents were a Tardis hoodie and cordless headphones.

I have almost finished Miss Lizzie’s cardigan from last year. I just need to finish the button holes and sew on the buttons and I’m done!

We seem to have acquired 2 new cats. Both live locally. One is a gorgeous pure white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. He looks a lot like Luna so we often thought Luna had gotten outside when we first saw him. He is very loving and smoochy. The girls named him Rafael. The other cat is a ginger tom who was VERY nervous at first but I won him over by sitting quietly with him outside and letting him come to me. He is adorable and I don’t think he gets much love or food at home. The girls named him Jace.
It has been very cold this week with raging winds. He sat on the back door step and looked very sad and cold. Miss Annie put a box with a towel in it for him but he wasn’t interested.

Here is a pic of Calypso in a bag looking cute.


Today is another day

As usual I slept badly last night,as I do most nights. I think I crawled into bed about 2am. Then I wake every hour or so when I get stiff and sore from sleeping in one position so I turn over and possibly go to the loo.
I woke last this morning determined to do something positive. So I decided to clean out the fridge (tomorrow is shopping day) and I made soup.

In the fridge I found carrots,broccoli,cauliflower,beans,pumpkin,tomatoes. From the cupboard I found onions,split peas,lentils and stock powder
Most veggies I chopped up using Bertie (my Bellini do everything machine) I would chop a few things,pop them into the pot and sit down for 10 mins or so.
I used a large pot on the stove top as I wanted to make at least two meals for my family of five (almost) adults.
It is now bubbly away nicely. Me,I’m still shaking from the effort of it but I’m pleased I managed to make 2 full meals out of almost nothing.
If anyone can suggest any cheap, easy to make meals,I’m all ears.

In order to pay off this accident bill,things are going to have to change rather dramatically around here.
Hubby is going to apply for a new credit card so we can pay off this bill. Ugh,I hate the thought of that but it’s the only thing we can do at the moment as I simply can’t pull money from thin air.

Wish me luck!


The day started off well. I woke early and went to the local village to go to the bank. I popped into a bargain shop to get some felt and buttons.

The walking bothered my back and hip. By the time I got home I was in a lot of pain. A cup of tea and some painkillers were in order.

A letter arrived from an insurance company. I backed into a car a few weeks ago while dropping one of Miss Lizzie’s friends home. The car was actually packed fully on the road and the road was very bowed from side to side. I did not see the car at all when I backed into it,until I heard a noise. There was a small ding about 5-6 inches round.
I did the right thing and went and found the owner of the car. Her first reaction “I hope you wrote it off,I hate that car”. Not quite the reaction I expected.
So the total cost of the repairs is $890. Our excess is $650. If we go through our insurance we will lose our ‘no claim bonus’ and our insurance will go up.
So we need to find the full amount. I have no idea where we will find this money ASAP.
It worries me no end. Due to the rent going up and other bills,Miss Annie’s Japanese trip has been cancelled. No to mention all the money we will lose when the budget goes through.
I feel so sad today. I have been reading blogs and seeing posts on FB. People have great lives. They get to go out with their children and families. Great outings. I feel so cut off from everything. To me it’s a good day if I leave the house and get to talk to someone. But I am paying for it with massive pain and loss of movement.
I worry that my girls are suffering because of my illness. Do they find their lives lacking? Do they feel different to their friends? I hate that I am ill all the time and in pain all the time.
That’s my whinge for the day.

17th October 2013.

My body is really falling apart. It hurts all over.There is pain in my hips and back.

I am so so tired. Even when I wake I am exhausted.

I crave sleep,like a drug,I think about it all the time and yet,often when I go to bed,I can’t sleep.so I lie awake late into the night and can barely get out of bed in the mornings.

My body fails me in many ways. Walking is difficult,thinking is hard……the joys of the fibro “fog”. The tremor in my left rm which makes doing a lot of things very difficult.

I want so badly to knit but can’t follow a pattern so now I am down to knitting squares or strips to made into a blanket at a later date. My hands need to be busy and I can knit and purl without thinking.

Miss Annie has band on Wednesday mornings and I am really struggling to get her there.

I have been making enquiries about anything else there is that would be appropriate for her that happens in the afternoon or evening.

I have found one such thing but of course it happens on the same day as when Miss Lizzie and Miss Mary have vocal group. I think it may be doable.One of Miss Annie’s friends goes so that could be a plus.

I feel like such a failure. I can’t get my girl to a simple band practise once a week. I feel so slack.

Useless. Yes that’s the word…useless.

23rd August 2013

Yesterday was not a good day. A day filled with pain from head to foot. Every joint and muscle. It was such a relief to go to sleep last night.

It was also a day filled with hugs,The Hobbit,cappuccinos,hot chocolates and knitting. Miss Annie is still sick. Poor sweetie. She had a nap at 3pm and again at 5pm. She was awake reading til 1am and then slept til 11am.

Dinner was a BBQ chicken and chips which the kids always think is a treat.

Miss Annie went to feed her bunnies after she woke up and discover that both were missing. Tears and despair followed. We were both running around the yard in our pjs. I found Mocha hiding behind a plant pot. Latte took much longer to find. Minutes passed and fear grew. Latte finally appeared. She did not want to be caught. It took quite a while and involved celery,lots of running and finally a towel to catch her. Poor Miss Annie was a mess with relief,but lots of hugs and love calmed her.

My latest knitting project is coming along very well. It’s simple but lovely and I am letting the gorgeous wool shine through.

The rest of my Xmas order from JB Hi Fi came yesterday. I am truly impressed with their service. I will definitely be using them again. Their delivery charges are very reasonable.

The wind is still wild and woolly. I wish it would end. I hate it when it’s windy. So do most of the pets,the cats especially get crazy when it’s windy.