21st August 2013

I woke feeling well yday,although still in pain so I decided to go out and take advantage of my wellness. I popped in spotty to buy some wool for Xmas pressies as they had 30% off!

Then to Kmart. I had just learnt where everything was and of course,they are moving everything around! I bought a new shredder as the old one had bitten the dust and Miss Lizzie had been shredding paper by hand for her bunny.

I treated myself to a lovely morning tea with an iced coffee and a divine butterscotch and caramel cheesecake. It was heavenly. There are large dollops of caramel through the cheesecake. Lord it’s good. The Coffee Club for those who would like to know.

I was in extreme pain but the time I got home but felt I had achieved something. Thank goodness for extra painkillers,coffee,knitting and Broadchurch.

I know I should have gone to my course but I just couldn’t face the thought of the physio. So I played hooky and shopped instead.

A strange miracle occurred yesterday ,Calypso decided she wanted to sit on my lap. Nothing unusual about that. Ill show you a photo of what happened

Yes Luna was already sitting beside my legs,they stayed there for a little while,then there was some hissing and Luna left.

I have poor Miss Annie at home with me today. She is barking and barely has any voice. So they have been lots of cups of tea and Doctor Who watching

I have ordered some Xmas pressies over the net and the first one arrived today. Only 2 days from ordering….I am very impressed. Well done JB Hi Fi.