22nd December 2013

Well it’s been a long time no blog

We had ….ahem problems with our modem that nearly drove poor DH bonkers
Then we finally caved and bought a new one,it wasn’t what was on the box. We needed a router and a modem but the one we got was only a router. So finally we are back on the air properly!
Lots has happened but I will be brief.

Some gorgeous girls turned 14

They had a quiet birthday at home. You can see their latest interests by their new shirts.

We put up the tree and Miss Luna was very enamoured with it. She took to chewing it and loving it up. So much so she managed to scratch her eye,which meant a late visit to the vet. Thankfully only some ointment and an anti histamine shot was all that was needed


There has been lots of knitting including this one for a lovely friend. Ravelled here

I am at present making a gorgeous shawl in 2 ply!!!!! I never thought I would knit in 2 ply but here we are. The pattern is very simple,all garter stitch but the colours and shaping make it fabulous. Plus it’s so light to knit with in this horrendous heat.

After all our efforts,we have only one poor old apple on our fruit trees,we did have a heap of nectarines but I suspect the cockatoos ate them. The vegie garden did not get a look in this year. The weather has been way too weird so I didn’t end up planting anything. There are some strawberries from last years garden,so we might get some fruit off them.

Dh has been diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea. I suspected so when I send him off to the doctors. He is trialling some nose patches(very sexy lol) and will probably need another sleep study done and eventually a C-pap machine. He says the patches do help and he wakes feeling much more refreshed.

I have been dealing with a now 11 week headache. My gp sent me for a ct scan to rule out anything nasty. The scan was normal but it did show up nasal polyps. I have upped my migraine preventer meds and if that doesn’t help, I will be trying a steroid nasal spray. At this point I would try anything to get rid of it. I’m completely over it!!!

We had 2 unwelcome guests in the past couple of weeks. Miss Lizzie came screaming out of her bedroom,saying there was a scorpion in her bed. And yes,there was a scorpion in her bed. Neither DH or I even knew we had them in this country, so we all learnt something new. Here endeth the science lesson.

It was only small,about 5 cm(2 inches) in length..we thought it my be a baby but it seems that’s about how big they grow. They can give a nasty sting and make you very sore for a couple of days. We released this one back into the bush.

Then last night,I noticed something moving under the dining table. At first I thought it was a huntsman spider which we get lots of but no it’s wasn’t a huntsman………it was a funnel web spider

As you can see,DH caught and we showed it to the girls so they could recognise another one if they saw it. It wasn’t happy and you can see it is in its typical “attack” mode by rearing up on its hind legs. Dh disposed of it safely.

Miss Mary has been bugging me for weeks to buy some waffles. So when I saw a waffle maker on sale at target for only $12 I snapped one up. We made waffles with it and the girls loved them.

Considering waffles are about $4 a pack,I think it has already paid for itself!

The girls are now on summer holidays for 6 weeks and DH is home for a weeks holiday so ensure he doesn’t get called into work on Boxing Day like he did last year.

So Merry Christmas to everyone. May it be filled with joy and love and some good food. ;).

16th August 2013

Growth in the garden

A sure sign spring is on its way


Our nectarine is blossoming

The vegie garden has gone to hell in a hand basket. Most things have bolted and gone to seed due to our unseasonably warm weather.
I think we will dig it all up,put it in the compost and start again.

Yesterday my back was a bit better but my hands weren’t happy ,swollen and refusing to work. Many tremors in my left arm.

Luna is my constant companion. When she isn’t yowling for food. Lol.

Divine wool for a new project. Aren’t the colours gorgeous?
Have to go,Luna is starving again………lol

11th August 2013

This weekend has been shrouded in pain,teeth clenched and not breathing

I woke yesterday morning with a hip that did not want to work and was screaming at me for being out of place

I have spent the time popping pain killers and drifting in and out of sleep

It’s hard to get comfortable ,tossing and turning. Walking is only possible with Michael (Caine/cane) and its not really walking,it’s more kind of shuffling along.

I hear things but can’t really do much about them,Luna meowing for food,knocks at the front door,messages on my phone,music being played,tv on.

Miss Mary cut her finger badly on a mirror,she was very brave. She got a tea towel(remembering what her dad did when he cut his finger ) wrapped her finger and then came to me. She had sliced a layer of skin off and it was bleeding badly. I found some gauze and tape and wrapped it tightly. So far,all is well.

Miss Lizzie went to sing at the local Vietnam Veterans Day. It went very well. She said she feels very funny in her school uniform on a Sunday. LOL.

Luna has taken to yodelling ‘loudly’ when she wants food. She wanders around the house,meowing like she is being strangled by some strange being. I try to find her and the yodelling gets louder and louder. It’s NOT fun.

Calypso came and sat on my lap last night. The first time since we got Luna 2 months ago. It was lovely. She is very cuddly and smoochy.

I hope my hip is better by tomorrow as I have an appointment with my doctor,the one instead of last Thursday where I waited for an hour before anyone remembered she wasn’t there. I HAVE to go as I am nearly out of some meds.

School holidays

The school holidays are almost at a close and as usual I’m sad to see them go.

I thoroughly enjoy my girls company and the things we do together

Lots of things happened these holidays.

Days out,lovely morning teas( including a divine rocky road cheesecake!) bargain buys,laybys for Xmas, movies,nail painting,hair straightening,tears and sadness.

I purchased the learn to drive manual for Miss Lizze. When on earth did they start costing $12!!!!!
Back in my day,they were FREE! I think she was a little shocked at the size of the booklet and all that she had to learn.

There was looking at doona covers as ideas for birthday and as Xmas pressies



Miss Mary went off to the movies with a friend. Just the 2 of them ,so it involved train timetables and movie times and a large dose of pride in doing it yourself. She had a ball.

Miss Annie was to meet up with a friend at the shops to celebrate said friends birthday. This child’s home situation is unpredictable to say the least so it was with sadness and lots of tears when the meeting was cancelled at the last minute. Rocky road cheesecake did offer some consolation.

I had a brain fart whilst making the lace panel for Miss Mary’s cardigan. It was only when I was blocking it that I realised I had only knitted HALF of it. Oh my…..lol

Here it is in its entirety

And a close up

Isn’t it lovely? I do love this part of the cardigan.

Luna has been making herself very much at home. She is such a funny kitteh and we love her to bits

She has a fascination with wool so much so that I had to give her some of mine to keep her away from my knitting

I was lucky enough to win some lovely chokkie

It didn’t last long.

Health wise it has been a bit of a roller coaster. I tried the new med Lyrica,from the pain specialist and while it did help,it also rendered me useless for most of the day. I was awake for only about 5-6 hrs per day which was awful so I decided not to take it anymore. I had heard the side effects could be brutal but this was not what I expected.
It also made me rather depressed,yes more than usual,suicidal in fact. So that was another reason to stop taking it.

I had a busy day on Thursday. Nothing huge,just a lot of to-ing and fro-ing . I then had a bad night and ended up sleeping in til 2pm. The girls were great. Miss Mary also slept until 12.30pm.
I have 2 toes that keep dislocating and causing some difficulty in walking. This is in addition to the big toe on the same foot that does the same. The ends of the toes are painful which is nasty.
My hip has also been making its presence felt more than usual

The garden is a bit of a disaster.my first go at growing winter vegies and they aren’t looking too great. Bugga. Never mind there is always next year!