Today I have been productive inspite of not going to sleep until 2am….ahhh insomnia you are not my friend.
Today I sorted out drink bottles and various lids for the new school year
I rang and made an appointment to see a specialists for my colonoscopy ( oh joy)
I tried to make an appointment with my pain clinic but they are closed until the 19th of February (I so hope I was mistaken and it’s the 19th of January )
I worked out a budget (we may be able to move sooner than 8 months!)
I made a list of the girls preferences for recess and lunches.
DH put the car in for a registration check and it passed !
So all in all,a very productive day!

A pic of my knitted Doctor Who mini scarf to use as ‘tinsel’ on our tree next Xmas. 140 inches/356 cms long. It’s about an inch/2.5 cm wide.


Winter holidays

I finally finished Miss Lizzie’s cardigan.
I started it last august and it got too hot to knit during our very warm spring as it is knitted all in one piece.
Then there was the problem of choosing buttons.
I think it turned out pretty well.

Miss Lizzie was pleased too

We have a new kitty coming to visit. He is a little Siamese kitten and is just gorgeous. He has the most divine blue eyes and obviously lives with Raffy. He came to visit yesterday and we had lots of fun playing with him and patting him. He is very friendly and very cute!

I forgot to tell you that back on Miss Lizzie’s birthday we managed to set fire to one of the cats! We had candles on the table and Calypso jumped up on the table and brushed against a candle and caught fire! Thankfully only the very long bits of fur caught alight and then the fire went out as it came to get very thick fur. We all yelled at her and scared her to bits. The smell of singed cat fur leaves a LOT to be desired and we had to open all the windows to get rid of the horrible smell.

We went to katoomba yesterday to pick up Miss Annie’s new glasses. She loves them and is thrilled that she can see so much better. We went to The Little Paris Cafe in katoomba for morning tea. I love going there,the staff are always lovely,the service wonderful and the food and drinks are divine. I had a cappuccino and the girls had hot chocolates

Sadly I did something to my shoulder while I was out and spent the next 18 hours in extreme pain. I had a pain patch on and took some pain killers. Nothing helped. Thankfully a nights sleep seems to have helped bit I am still stiff and sore. The joys of fibro.

And the beat goes on…..

Lots of things have been happening………

The girls went to a comic-con event and had a ball. DH took them and spent 4 hrs wandering around nearby parkland. They got to see Grant from Mythbusters ,John Barrowman from Doctor Who and Torchwood and Stan Lee. They saw tons of people in cosplay and came home exhausted but thrilled to bits.

They all went to our Winter Magic festival. It was freezing but they all had a great time. Lots of free food (always a hit lol) Miss Annie came home with a gorgeous skein of wool for me.

I decided not to go to either of these events as walking almost anywhere just exhausts me and I didn’t want to keep the girls from enjoying themselves.

I cut my hair,well I actually shaved most of it off. It was driving me nuts as I sweat a large amount on my head. It is very freeing but I look like a cancer survivor.

The tremors on my left arm have been getting worse,they aren’t as frequent but seem to be more violent. The everlasting headache is still hanging in there,9 months now. The shakes are more prevalent now making doing fine motor things difficult.
A couple of days ago I twisted my knee,I was sitting down and turned in my chair with my hand on my knee.i felt my knee slide out under my hand and I screamed from the pain. It went back in but boy was it sore. Don’t think I fancy doing that again.
The black dog has been visiting again. He seems to have taken up permanent residence. It’s hard……very hard.

We celebrated Miss Lizzie’s 17th birthday. We just did pressies and dinner and cake. Miss Annie made a lovely chocolate cake and made it gluten free so I could have some too. Her favourite presents were a Tardis hoodie and cordless headphones.

I have almost finished Miss Lizzie’s cardigan from last year. I just need to finish the button holes and sew on the buttons and I’m done!

We seem to have acquired 2 new cats. Both live locally. One is a gorgeous pure white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. He looks a lot like Luna so we often thought Luna had gotten outside when we first saw him. He is very loving and smoochy. The girls named him Rafael. The other cat is a ginger tom who was VERY nervous at first but I won him over by sitting quietly with him outside and letting him come to me. He is adorable and I don’t think he gets much love or food at home. The girls named him Jace.
It has been very cold this week with raging winds. He sat on the back door step and looked very sad and cold. Miss Annie put a box with a towel in it for him but he wasn’t interested.

Here is a pic of Calypso in a bag looking cute.


A day out.




Saturday morning miss Annie and I got up early to go to the craft show. We packed out lunches and put on our most comfortable shoes and off we went.
It was about an hours drive,there wasn’t too much traffic so we chatted as I drove. We arrived about 30 mins before the doors opened so we could have a cuppa before we went in. We planned this so we got a little break before facing the crowds.
Watching people is a funny thing,a mum with 2 little girls,also having a cuppa. A sweet toddler,with the most gorgeous auburn curls was followed faithfully by her slightly older sister wherever she toddled. Lots of resigned older gentlemen there with their wives,which was lovely to see.
Lots of people stood in line,anxiously waiting to get in. This always amuses me no end… are going to be walking all day,why stand in line when you can sit like us,and walk in a couple of minutes later.

Finally the doors opened and people poured in. So many things to look at,it’s like being in a huge lolly shop,so many delicious things to fondle and enjoy.

Miss Annie made some purchases that she was very pleased with as did I. She loves to buy scrapbooking stuff to use to make cards. She got some great bargains and was very chuffed with herself.
I bought a kit to make a silk shrug. Black and magenta. I cast on as soon as we got home! Some delicious yarn to make some shawls and a fine yarn to knit a top that also becomes a shrug. Miss Annie spotted a owl back pack pattern. She convinced me to buy it and make one for her. I haven’t done much sewing lately so it will be nice to dust off the sewing machine. I lingered long over the last stall where they sold stainless steel that you can knit. Sadly I had run out of money but I did take their card.
There were some edible goodies to enjoy. I found a divine raspberry and almond gluten free muffin. I’m always thrilled to find something I can enjoy without worry of bring glutened.
We sat and ate our lunches and did some more people watching. By then we were both tired and out of money so we set off home. It was a fabulous day and we have already made plans for the next one!

22nd December 2013

Well it’s been a long time no blog

We had ….ahem problems with our modem that nearly drove poor DH bonkers
Then we finally caved and bought a new one,it wasn’t what was on the box. We needed a router and a modem but the one we got was only a router. So finally we are back on the air properly!
Lots has happened but I will be brief.

Some gorgeous girls turned 14

They had a quiet birthday at home. You can see their latest interests by their new shirts.

We put up the tree and Miss Luna was very enamoured with it. She took to chewing it and loving it up. So much so she managed to scratch her eye,which meant a late visit to the vet. Thankfully only some ointment and an anti histamine shot was all that was needed


There has been lots of knitting including this one for a lovely friend. Ravelled here

I am at present making a gorgeous shawl in 2 ply!!!!! I never thought I would knit in 2 ply but here we are. The pattern is very simple,all garter stitch but the colours and shaping make it fabulous. Plus it’s so light to knit with in this horrendous heat.

After all our efforts,we have only one poor old apple on our fruit trees,we did have a heap of nectarines but I suspect the cockatoos ate them. The vegie garden did not get a look in this year. The weather has been way too weird so I didn’t end up planting anything. There are some strawberries from last years garden,so we might get some fruit off them.

Dh has been diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea. I suspected so when I send him off to the doctors. He is trialling some nose patches(very sexy lol) and will probably need another sleep study done and eventually a C-pap machine. He says the patches do help and he wakes feeling much more refreshed.

I have been dealing with a now 11 week headache. My gp sent me for a ct scan to rule out anything nasty. The scan was normal but it did show up nasal polyps. I have upped my migraine preventer meds and if that doesn’t help, I will be trying a steroid nasal spray. At this point I would try anything to get rid of it. I’m completely over it!!!

We had 2 unwelcome guests in the past couple of weeks. Miss Lizzie came screaming out of her bedroom,saying there was a scorpion in her bed. And yes,there was a scorpion in her bed. Neither DH or I even knew we had them in this country, so we all learnt something new. Here endeth the science lesson.

It was only small,about 5 cm(2 inches) in length..we thought it my be a baby but it seems that’s about how big they grow. They can give a nasty sting and make you very sore for a couple of days. We released this one back into the bush.

Then last night,I noticed something moving under the dining table. At first I thought it was a huntsman spider which we get lots of but no it’s wasn’t a huntsman………it was a funnel web spider

As you can see,DH caught and we showed it to the girls so they could recognise another one if they saw it. It wasn’t happy and you can see it is in its typical “attack” mode by rearing up on its hind legs. Dh disposed of it safely.

Miss Mary has been bugging me for weeks to buy some waffles. So when I saw a waffle maker on sale at target for only $12 I snapped one up. We made waffles with it and the girls loved them.

Considering waffles are about $4 a pack,I think it has already paid for itself!

The girls are now on summer holidays for 6 weeks and DH is home for a weeks holiday so ensure he doesn’t get called into work on Boxing Day like he did last year.

So Merry Christmas to everyone. May it be filled with joy and love and some good food. ;).

3rd November 2013

I finished 2 little cardigans for a friends grandson.

Here is the first one. It is really a lovely dark blue. Ravelry link


Here is the second. The colour is really a lovely lime green. Ravelry link


The sweet little buttons I got from the wool shop in Blackheath

I really enjoyed making these and the wool I used was just gorgeous Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply and machine washable for the new mum
I love knitting little baby things,they are so sweet and knit up so quickly

Now if only the new mum will give me an address to mail them to!