DH’s brother popped into visit the other night.
As he came in the door,he ruffled my hair and said hi. (Umm I’m 52, not 3!!)
I apologised to him for not getting up as I had injured my back that day so he promptly grabbed my ankle and pulled! Then he tickled my foot.
I was livid. Of course it HAD to be my sore side where I had stepped off my front porch,expecting the floor to go on but it didn’t and I badly jarred my hip and my entire side.
Two of my girls came out to say hello to him. Now bear in mind that they haven’t seen him in over a year and this was about the 3rd time they remembered seeing him in their whole lives. Miss Lizzie put out her hand to shake his hand ,he put his hand into hers and grabbed her arm with his other hand and pulled her in and kissed her. She was horrified. We have never pushed physical affection with our girls if they aren’t comfortable. Miss Annie came out and he did exactly the same thing to her.

He is about 65ish. He really needs some lessons in personally space.

Both of the girls disappeared,not wanting anymore contact with him. I hobbled outside to water the garden.
Miss Annie put a note under Miss Mary’s door letting her know her was here visiting. Needless to say,she didn’t appear until AFTER he had left.
He left about 2 hrs later. We were all ( including hubby) relieved to see him go !

Friday the 14th

Let me say to start off with,the lump they found is a fibroadenoma which is benign.
Yesterday was stressful but I have to say the staff at Westmead were wonderful.
We arrived and DH dropped me off so he could park the car ( just as well he did,as there were no spaces in either car park so he had to park on the street) I went in and told them I was there. There was another lady in the waiting room knitting which was lovely to see.

I went in and filled out some paperwork. I was very pleased to see that written on the consent forms it was written that you could remove your consent at any time during any procedure.
I had a mammogram and then an ultrasound. The tech doing the ultrasound took a long time and then said ” I’m going to get the doctor” my heart dropped. She then returned with not one but two doctors! They all stood frowning at the screen and chatting amongst themselves. Finally one of the doctors said he wanted to do a biopsy.
So I went back out to the waiting room and waited. I knitted a bit and read a bit. I was finally called back in with lovely doctor called Sue. She was just wonderful and very matter of fact. She tried to aspirate what she thought was a cyst but it was solid. It was a bit uncomfortable so she removed the needle and put in some local( I approved her doing the first try without local) then she went back in to get some cells. They popped it under a microscope and she was thrilled to tell me it was a fibroadenoma. She said they would sent it off for a official test but she was very certain it was a fibroadenoma.
Sue said she would ring me late Monday to confirm her diagnosis. They made an appt for me on Tuesday just incase.
I got dressed and was very relieved to be able to go.
We arrived at 1pm and left about 4.30pm.
I was pretty sore by the end of it all. My shoulder was very sore due to being held above my head while they did all the scans and tests. My hip was sore as I was propped up on a foam cushion and I discovered I had been clenching my teeth during it all.
The staff were all fabulous during the whole thing. Calm,kind and very respectful of your feelings without being mushy.
DH and I went for some tea at maccas and I treated myself to a raspberry cheesecake. The traffic was thick so it was about 6.30pm when we got home.
The girls asked how it all went and they wanted to know what had happened. I said ” well the good news is……I don’t have breast cancer!!!” They all looked a bit stunned and Miss Annie asked if that was what it was for. I said yes. I said we decided not to tell any of you as we didn’t want anyone to worry until we knew for certain and you had your exams. Miss Annie said ” thank you so much for that”.
I showed them the brochure they had given me about fibroadenoma and we talked about what had happened.
I’m so glad it is over. I was very worried. Thanks to all of you who supported me during this. You know who you are. 🙂

Now I just need to have a colonoscopy to check for colon cancer. The next mountain to climb!

Thursday the 13th

Waiting….this is the part I don’t do well.

My bag is packed. Hubby is off filling the car with petrol and going to the bank. He is also getting the girls a treat for afternoon tea ( vanilla slices from a little bakery in Hazelbrook, they are heaven…..I remember them from when I was a gluten eater)

We need to leave in just under 2 hrs. It’s only an hour trip but we don’t know where we are going( I have only been to this hospital once before when visiting a friend) and I HATE to be late with a passion.

I told the girls yesterday and they calmly accepted my explanation of going to see a doctor late in the afternoon in Paramatta. I’ve been told the appointment will take between 2-4 hours so I didn’t want them to worry if we were late.

My bag is packed with some simple washcloth knitting,a magazine with puzzles,a pen,some gf snacks,coins for the car park and my referral.

At this point it’s just waiting,waiting,waiting…….I want to throw up. I just want it to be over and to know just what I’m dealing with.

Wednesday the 13th

Well today the rot set in.
I woke with a dreadful headache pounding away,my heart thumping and my hands shaking.
I gave in and asked DH to come with me. He is making arrangements now. I didn’t want to bother him but my fear has become greater than my concern for his job.
We have decided to tell the girls I am going to see a dr about my fibro. That the appt is late in the day ( about 3pm) and is about an hours drive away ( which is true).
I’m scared sick. I can’t remember being this scared for a very long time. I watched my mum died from breast cancer and it haunts me still.
I hope we get some answers tomorrow. The waiting has driven me mad.


I keep drifting off…….into nothing.

I keep finding myself staring off into the distance,having lost track of what I was doing or saying.

It took me ages to sort out a knitting problem,a whole A4 size page of mathematical calculations. I finally worked it out but now don’t have the energy to knit.

I feel adrift,like I’m floating on an ocean,no idea where I’m going or what I’m supposed to be doing.

We went to a twilight market last night. It was lovely. Lots of fabulous goodies to buy. We have tea there,DH and the girls had sausages in bread and DH even got a piece of chicken for me. Hubby and I had a coffee each. Miss Lizzy also had popcorn and jelly and a popper. She loves her food.

I got some Xmas pressies and some divine scents soy melts. One is called rainwater. It’s wonderful.

Miss Annie and DH had a band performance this morning. Miss Mary went with them. I was too tired and too sore. They had a great time.

22nd December 2013

Well it’s been a long time no blog

We had ….ahem problems with our modem that nearly drove poor DH bonkers
Then we finally caved and bought a new one,it wasn’t what was on the box. We needed a router and a modem but the one we got was only a router. So finally we are back on the air properly!
Lots has happened but I will be brief.

Some gorgeous girls turned 14

They had a quiet birthday at home. You can see their latest interests by their new shirts.

We put up the tree and Miss Luna was very enamoured with it. She took to chewing it and loving it up. So much so she managed to scratch her eye,which meant a late visit to the vet. Thankfully only some ointment and an anti histamine shot was all that was needed


There has been lots of knitting including this one for a lovely friend. Ravelled here

I am at present making a gorgeous shawl in 2 ply!!!!! I never thought I would knit in 2 ply but here we are. The pattern is very simple,all garter stitch but the colours and shaping make it fabulous. Plus it’s so light to knit with in this horrendous heat.

After all our efforts,we have only one poor old apple on our fruit trees,we did have a heap of nectarines but I suspect the cockatoos ate them. The vegie garden did not get a look in this year. The weather has been way too weird so I didn’t end up planting anything. There are some strawberries from last years garden,so we might get some fruit off them.

Dh has been diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea. I suspected so when I send him off to the doctors. He is trialling some nose patches(very sexy lol) and will probably need another sleep study done and eventually a C-pap machine. He says the patches do help and he wakes feeling much more refreshed.

I have been dealing with a now 11 week headache. My gp sent me for a ct scan to rule out anything nasty. The scan was normal but it did show up nasal polyps. I have upped my migraine preventer meds and if that doesn’t help, I will be trying a steroid nasal spray. At this point I would try anything to get rid of it. I’m completely over it!!!

We had 2 unwelcome guests in the past couple of weeks. Miss Lizzie came screaming out of her bedroom,saying there was a scorpion in her bed. And yes,there was a scorpion in her bed. Neither DH or I even knew we had them in this country, so we all learnt something new. Here endeth the science lesson.

It was only small,about 5 cm(2 inches) in length..we thought it my be a baby but it seems that’s about how big they grow. They can give a nasty sting and make you very sore for a couple of days. We released this one back into the bush.

Then last night,I noticed something moving under the dining table. At first I thought it was a huntsman spider which we get lots of but no it’s wasn’t a huntsman………it was a funnel web spider

As you can see,DH caught and we showed it to the girls so they could recognise another one if they saw it. It wasn’t happy and you can see it is in its typical “attack” mode by rearing up on its hind legs. Dh disposed of it safely.

Miss Mary has been bugging me for weeks to buy some waffles. So when I saw a waffle maker on sale at target for only $12 I snapped one up. We made waffles with it and the girls loved them.

Considering waffles are about $4 a pack,I think it has already paid for itself!

The girls are now on summer holidays for 6 weeks and DH is home for a weeks holiday so ensure he doesn’t get called into work on Boxing Day like he did last year.

So Merry Christmas to everyone. May it be filled with joy and love and some good food. ;).

26th August 2013

Today Miss Annie and I actually left the house
Woohooooo!!!! It has been nearly a week since we had left the house,due to poor Miss Annie being so ill.
We popped into a local village for a cuppa and a little look around.

It was SO nice to get outside and enjoy the springlike weather.

We went into the local op shop and Miss Annie got a lovely top and a hat. I picked up a paperback for only $2.

Poor Miss Annie has been just exhausted. This bug has really taking it out of her. She is hoping to go back to school tomorrow. I’m not sure if she will last the whole day.

I’m going to the last day of my course tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Hubby cut his finger rather badly at work today. Not nice.

I managed to cook dinner tonight,we had apricot chicken,rice and vegetables. It was lovely.

I have started Miss Lizzie’s cardigan. With some gorgeous cherry red wool from Bendigo Wool Mills

A pic of the gorgeous Calypso


Mother’s Day in The Mountains.

Mother’s Day in the Mountains is always bittersweet.

While I am usually spoilt by my family

There are always the ghosts of those missing

A little piece of my heart is always gone

I was woken ,after a lovely sleep in,with a cup of tea

Then came gluten free pancakes with real maple syrup

Then came excited children with lots of goodies

You would have thought it was Xmas by the level of excitement!

I was very spoilt


Missing from the photo is a HUGE bottle of shower cream given to me by Miss Mary,that smells just like a vanilla milkshake.I used it today and it was heavenly.

Sitting on the River Cottage book is a teeny little hedgehog,known as Harold,who is filled with lipgloss. Harold it seems,came with a personality all his own and spent a lot of time amusing the girls. He is adorable.

My request for the day was to sort out my wool stash,so DH dragged it out of all it’s hiding places ( numerous ones all over the house,garage and shed!)and the girls helped me unravelled half knitted things and sort the wool. It was a big task but I am pleased it has been done.

Dinner was my favourite meal of garlic prawns and fried rice

Ahhh heavenly

I was very spoilt and feel very lucky to have have my great family.