26th August 2013

Today Miss Annie and I actually left the house
Woohooooo!!!! It has been nearly a week since we had left the house,due to poor Miss Annie being so ill.
We popped into a local village for a cuppa and a little look around.

It was SO nice to get outside and enjoy the springlike weather.

We went into the local op shop and Miss Annie got a lovely top and a hat. I picked up a paperback for only $2.

Poor Miss Annie has been just exhausted. This bug has really taking it out of her. She is hoping to go back to school tomorrow. I’m not sure if she will last the whole day.

I’m going to the last day of my course tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Hubby cut his finger rather badly at work today. Not nice.

I managed to cook dinner tonight,we had apricot chicken,rice and vegetables. It was lovely.

I have started Miss Lizzie’s cardigan. With some gorgeous cherry red wool from Bendigo Wool Mills

A pic of the gorgeous Calypso


21st August 2013

I woke feeling well yday,although still in pain so I decided to go out and take advantage of my wellness. I popped in spotty to buy some wool for Xmas pressies as they had 30% off!

Then to Kmart. I had just learnt where everything was and of course,they are moving everything around! I bought a new shredder as the old one had bitten the dust and Miss Lizzie had been shredding paper by hand for her bunny.

I treated myself to a lovely morning tea with an iced coffee and a divine butterscotch and caramel cheesecake. It was heavenly. There are large dollops of caramel through the cheesecake. Lord it’s good. The Coffee Club for those who would like to know.

I was in extreme pain but the time I got home but felt I had achieved something. Thank goodness for extra painkillers,coffee,knitting and Broadchurch.

I know I should have gone to my course but I just couldn’t face the thought of the physio. So I played hooky and shopped instead.

A strange miracle occurred yesterday ,Calypso decided she wanted to sit on my lap. Nothing unusual about that. Ill show you a photo of what happened

Yes Luna was already sitting beside my legs,they stayed there for a little while,then there was some hissing and Luna left.

I have poor Miss Annie at home with me today. She is barking and barely has any voice. So they have been lots of cups of tea and Doctor Who watching

I have ordered some Xmas pressies over the net and the first one arrived today. Only 2 days from ordering….I am very impressed. Well done JB Hi Fi.

11th August 2013

This weekend has been shrouded in pain,teeth clenched and not breathing

I woke yesterday morning with a hip that did not want to work and was screaming at me for being out of place

I have spent the time popping pain killers and drifting in and out of sleep

It’s hard to get comfortable ,tossing and turning. Walking is only possible with Michael (Caine/cane) and its not really walking,it’s more kind of shuffling along.

I hear things but can’t really do much about them,Luna meowing for food,knocks at the front door,messages on my phone,music being played,tv on.

Miss Mary cut her finger badly on a mirror,she was very brave. She got a tea towel(remembering what her dad did when he cut his finger ) wrapped her finger and then came to me. She had sliced a layer of skin off and it was bleeding badly. I found some gauze and tape and wrapped it tightly. So far,all is well.

Miss Lizzie went to sing at the local Vietnam Veterans Day. It went very well. She said she feels very funny in her school uniform on a Sunday. LOL.

Luna has taken to yodelling ‘loudly’ when she wants food. She wanders around the house,meowing like she is being strangled by some strange being. I try to find her and the yodelling gets louder and louder. It’s NOT fun.

Calypso came and sat on my lap last night. The first time since we got Luna 2 months ago. It was lovely. She is very cuddly and smoochy.

I hope my hip is better by tomorrow as I have an appointment with my doctor,the one instead of last Thursday where I waited for an hour before anyone remembered she wasn’t there. I HAVE to go as I am nearly out of some meds.