18th October 2017 

Things here have been a bit crazy,involving lots of driving to and from school,exams,a large spider ( in the car on the way to said exams) that when squished spewed forth the most amazing radio active neon green liquid. 

The most interesting thing however is that I had been taking some “herbal” oil for my pain. I had been on it for about 2 months. It isn’t supposed to have any side effects but me being me,had side effects and my side effects were making my depression worse. I stopped taking it and within 2 days I felt a great weight lifted off me and I felt back to my usual self. It only helped a little with my pain so there isn’t any problem in stopping taking it. 

I’m a bit disappointed that the oil didn’t help as for some people it is a miracle aide. Back to the drawing board. 

One thought on “18th October 2017 

  1. Oh I could barely read on after the spider story. I live in fear of a spider falling down from the sun visor. I am glad you are feeling somewhat better!

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