11th October 2017

Today is another day. 

Yesterday was dreadful. I spent the day chewing on painkillers, mindlessly knitting cotton washcloths and watching DVDs. 

Today was an interesting day with one of my girls on tv twice and also an interview on the net. All pretty exciting stuff. She has had a huge day and has gone to bed. I’m so proud of her for doing something she believes in and making a stand. 

I spent part of today looking through patterns as I want to knit something with cables in it. I found two lovely patterns so  I printed up them up and ordered some wool. 

Emotionally I’m still pretty flat and my pain is a tiny bit better. I see my gp tomorrow so maybe I can get some help. Another hot day and I put the air con on. Neither No 3 or I like the heat so it was a welcome respite. 

One thought on “11th October 2017

  1. Oh that sounds like a very nice day and fancy having such great publicity for a cause.
    If I could send some cooler weather your way, I would. It is raining and cool here.

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