9th October 2017 

Today has been a warm,sultry day full of the promise of rain,which lasted about 20 mins,but it did smell divine. 

The heat is knocking me about already. I don’t do heat well at all. Must be my British blood. 

I tried setting my alarm and getting up early,didn’t happen. It’s not easy when you go to bed well after midnight. I had plans for today but only two of them came to pass. I had a shower and went into town to get my scripts. I took No 3 with me as she needed a break from studying. We had a lovely cold drink and a chat. 

I started knitting another chemo hat but the cotton I bought is rather rough and well,awful. I decided to use it for washcloths instead. I need some 10ply soft cotton or cotton/bamboo blend that doesn’t cost the earth. I’m working on a baby blanket for the local women’s refuge but it’s too damned hot to knit it at the moment. I’m about 3/4 done so it’s gets very hot sitting on your lap especially  as its 10ply. 

I want to start work on a quilt but it can be a bit of a drama getting to use the kitchen table. I’ll see if I can sneak some time in tomorrow. 

Emotionally I’m a mess. Exhausted and depressed,not a good combo. I keep thinking about what it will be like when all the girls are at uni and I’m here alone. I will miss them terribly. 

My knees were not happy today,probably the air pressure from the oncoming storms. All my joints are throbbing. 

One thought on “9th October 2017 

  1. Wow, I think two out three is pretty good,and they sound like two good things. I never pass up the opportunity for a cup of tea and a chat if I can. Oh finding room on the kitchen table is always tricky. I know exactly what you mean about the heat. I have a neck thing made with water absorbing beads, it is very good, it keeps me cool, and I soak it in water with ice blocks, even cooler.

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