4th October 2017

It’s been a busy few days since I last wrote. 

I took the girls shopping on Saturday while their dad went and gave blood. We bought a few things and had a lovely morning tea. I went to the wool shop and bought some 10ply cotton to make some more chemo hats. We went to Spotlight and I got some fabric to make No 3 her quilt. White and 3 shades of blue. 

Monday No 2’s boy friend came for the day and we went to the lake for a picnic. It was lovely. However I had a massive anxiety attack in the afternoon. NO 2 was going on a camp on Monday and I had to get her to Blacktown station by 10am. I also had to drop No 3 at school for a HSC revision class. I was very worried that I wouldn’t get her there in time. I left with plenty of time and. Of course we ended up on the wrong side of the train station. We did finally find the correct side and thankfully the bus was running a little late. She went off happily and I had a little cry as I walked away.  I went to the local shops for a cuppa and some shopping. I then had to go back and pick up No 3 from school. 

It was a HUGE day for me with over 4 hours of driving and about 2 hours of walking. Needless to say I’m very sore and just exhausted today. 

I did enjoy being busy and keeping my mind occupied. I did not enjoy the anxiety attack at all. I slept until about midday and woke up feeling very stiff. NO 3 has been busy studying. I have been watching some DVDs and knitting a baby blanket for the local women’s shelter. These 2 things keep my mind and my hands busy. 

2 thoughts on “4th October 2017

  1. I know that panicked feeling well, so good job keeping your mind and hands occupied. This time of the year so many things are starting to happen, it can get very fraught. Oh the quilt sounds lovely, I look forward to seeing it!

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