18th February 2016 

I had had a tough time of it the last few days. 

My pain levels were up and on the weekend,I moved my hips to put my pants on and something happened. The pain in my right hip and pelvis was through the roof. My walking stick was stolen out of our car in our driveway so I couldn’t use it. I spent a lot of time hanging on to furniture and the walls to get anywhere. 

Last night I forgot my meds,hence I didn’t go to sleep til 4am. I needed to be up at 6am to take one of my daughters to school earlier, I realised that wasn’t happening,so I left her a note and went back to bed,resetting my alarm to go to the doctors. 

I got up at 10.30am and had a shower. I bent over to get my meds out of their box and bang,my back went again. I was in agony. I rang the surgery to cancel my appt and asked if my dr could write me a script for my pain meds for hubby to pick up this afternoon. She is such a lovely lady.she must have checked my file and worked out what often meds a needed and wrote the necessary scripts. 

Hubby picked up the scripts and I slept most of the day away. It’s now late evening and I’m still in a lot of pain. I can’t concentrate to knit or read. 

I hate pain with a passion. I would do almost anything to be rid of it.