19th January 2016

I’m fed up. 

I’m in pain all the bloody time. I have a knee that keeps popping every single time I straighten it. Something weird happened to my left foot when I was stretching it,it felt like an elastic band and was being pulled and it finally broke. I can’t walk properly on that foot which of course has upset my hips. My right shoulder keeps slipping slightly out of joint and that hurts too. But there is nothing wrong with any of my joints. No one will believe me.

 The car rego is due and it is hubby’s job. He is being painful about it and of course I had to find a place that would do the inspection BEFORE the rego is due. 

It’s very hot and I’m over summer. We had a couple of lovely days last week where we wore jeans and long shirts. It was rather divine!

One of the cats had a really weird day yesterday. She took over my hand bag and got very nasty when you went near her. She is usually odd but even this was out of character for her!

I’m struggling depression-wise. I have chest pains and other weird things going on. 

Roll on winter. 


One thought on “19th January 2016

  1. Oh no, you have my every knee sympathy. When bits of you hurt every time you move, why move?? The cool weather will be a good thing, so luxuriate in the coolness!!!

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