19th December 2015.

Here we are again. Just a week til Xmas. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

All the presents are wrapped. I just need to sort the food.

It  has been a stressful week here .  Miss Lizzie received her HSC and ATAR results and they weren’t what she wanted. There were many tears. She upset me so much that I took a sleeping pill very early in the night and went to bed. Hubby and I had a stern talk with her today about being an adult and how with the good parts of bring an adult comes the responsibility. I hope it hit home.

It is dreadfully hot here,over 30C. None of us do well in the heat. Can’t wait for the southerly change due in a few days.

Im still struggling with leg pain. I almost had to pull over in the car due to the pain. I’m not coping well.

Two lovely parcels arrived from some online friends. Lots of goodies for our Doctor Who Xmas and some fabulous treats for me. I cried but they were happy tears.


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