9th December 2015

Here I am back again.

Things are getting on top of me. Yesterday was spent with a totally numb right leg which was very painful. 2 lots of painkillers on top of my usual pain patch. Less numbness today but more pain.

Sleep was elusive last night and I was woken early this morning to pull a bit of plastic out of one of the cats eyes. That was fun. I was barely awake but I managed to do it without losing any skin.Calypso seems fine.

I am struggling with depression, I have upped my meds but they are hardly helping. I saw my lovely gp and she wants me to see a psychologist but I can’t see her til February NEXT year. I am not happy about that! I am having chest pains,lots of them. I know it’s stress but that doesn’t make them any less scary.

Im struggling with eating. I am having bad nausea a lot. I can smell dinner being cooked and am looking forward to it but by the time it’s on the plate I can’t put it in my mouth.

Insomnia has also returned. I hate it. I wish I could sleep better.

Im worried about one of my girls as she isn’t well. I don’t want to go into details as it’s her story to tell but as a mum I am concerned.

Miss Lizzie has finished Year 12 and has her first job. Things aren’t going terribly well as they seem to expect her to know how to do things without being told, which I think is very unfair.

I had to get Minerva desexed. She had come onto heat and was yodelling like mad and driving us nuts. She has recovered well.

I have some kind of growth in my ear and need to see a specialist,can’t get in until next April. I need another colonoscopy. It’s over 12 months since the first dud one. I also need another mammogram. Such fun.

Nothing really amazing to report but I feel I need a sounding board. I think I will be blogging a bit more.


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