25th March 2015

The black dog has returned. I feel so low,I don’t know what to do 

I can barely be bothered to get out of bed. My pain levels have been through the roof. 

I sorted some craft stuff on Saturday and ended up paying for it for 3 days. 

Even though hubby now has a new job and a higher pay rate we haven’t been able to get ahead. I cancelled the cortisone injection in my hip as we couldn’t afford it. We have been hit with so many bills,car and bike registration,the bike needed new tyres and brakes,a new fridge,a new vacuum,a new phone for both of the twins,$160 for a trial for DH with a cpap machine and then we will probably need to buy one. A new tyre for the car. I haven’t paid any of the school fees yet. I need to get the kittens desexed. We have Miss Lizzie’s 18 th birthday coming up then her formal. The tickets for that are expected to be about $120? 

Miss Annie hasn’t been well for ages.  She is tired all the time and often goes to bed at 5pm. She had blood tests done and there is nothing showing. The doctor thinks she may be depressed but I don’t think so. She has her doing a sleep and mood diary. 

Miss Mary had a cyst in her armpit last week. That was fun. A local and much pus and blood. Lots of pain and loss of movement for a few days. She was very brave but it was still nasty. 

Miss Lizzie has her year 12 trials on at the moment. So we rarely see her as she is studying like mad. 

I feel like I am drowning. 

Everything is annoying me. The girls talking,the kittens playing…..every little thing. 

I want to crawl into a hole and stay there. 


One thought on “25th March 2015

  1. Yeah, that’s a lot all in a short time. I know you’ll feel better soon and I hope all the bills won’t look so daunting then, but when you feel so down it’s hard to see through it.

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