27th February 2015.

Just 3 days to go until my procedure.
I’m starting my liquid diet tomorrow,I should starting on Sunday but I’ve heard it’s easier to start the day before you start the meds
Ice blocks and jelly have been made.
I’m as nervous as hell.
I feel shakey and nervous.
The girls have been primed.
Miss Annie wants updates during the day,when I got to theatre,when I’m in recovery,when I’m back on the ward.
I’m on the first list,which starts at 8am. I really hope I’m done early.
I don’t DO waiting terribly well.

I bought hubby a new sudoku book,I’m taking some washcloth knitting and a book to read to keep us amused.

I bought the girls a little treat to leave for them.

I’m not looking forward to the “preparation”. I’ve heard it can be hard. I don’t do abdominal pain very well. I can deal with any kind of pain,back,leg,head except abdo pain.


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