Paperwork arrived

The paperwork for my procedures ( colonoscopy & gastroscopy) today. For some reason it has really knocked me. I’m scared,really scared.

The date has also changed which is a pain,I let DH know ASAP.
I have to be there at 7am,which I expected.
The instructions for the lovely flush out are there too.
My least favourite part is no seeds,grains or nuts for a full week before the procedure. No nuts!!! OMG.
I am not looking for to it at all.
The flush out,the procedure,the recovery( I don’t do well after surgery,I tend to have nasty reactions to meds or I tend to bleed ) and of course, the outcome of the tests.
The flush out has me worried as my body tends to over react to anything like this so I can see myself sitting on the loo for the whole time before the procedure with me in a LOT of pain.
I’m scared,I’m a lot more scared than I was before the breast scans. The thought of bowel cancer is more terrifying than breast cancer. The possibility of needing a colostomy bag freaks me out.
I guess I’m just really scared. The next few weeks will not be pretty so I guess I will be writing here a bit so I don’t annoy the hell out of my family.


4 thoughts on “Paperwork arrived

  1. ((Hugs)) I had both done about two years ago and I was also really scared. Turns out I never had any flares from the prep at all, but I would recommend probiotics afterwards to help your bowels return to normal quickly. I suffered from bowel issues for about a week because the flushes get rid of the good bacteria needed in the intestines. Weirdly, my other symptoms vanished after that and nothing was ever found to be wrong. Hoping it is the same for you!

  2. Hello petal, welcome to a very exclusive club. No matter what anyone says get sedation it makes it all a lot less traumatic. All the nurses and doctors I’ve met in endoscopy units have been outstanding in their care. Unfortunately the flush is horrific and hopefully one day someone will make something that tastes better without the abrasive nature. Fingers crossed for clear results x

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