Today I have been productive inspite of not going to sleep until 2am….ahhh insomnia you are not my friend.
Today I sorted out drink bottles and various lids for the new school year
I rang and made an appointment to see a specialists for my colonoscopy ( oh joy)
I tried to make an appointment with my pain clinic but they are closed until the 19th of February (I so hope I was mistaken and it’s the 19th of January )
I worked out a budget (we may be able to move sooner than 8 months!)
I made a list of the girls preferences for recess and lunches.
DH put the car in for a registration check and it passed !
So all in all,a very productive day!

A pic of my knitted Doctor Who mini scarf to use as ‘tinsel’ on our tree next Xmas. 140 inches/356 cms long. It’s about an inch/2.5 cm wide.


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