We have lived here in this house for 3 years. We originally moved here so we would be closer to the girl’s high school. I stupidly had no idea that the weather would be SO different here from our old house about 20 mins drive further up into the mountains. The weather here drives me nuts. It’s actually hotter here than our old place on the Central Coast which is kind of ironic as we moved here to get away from the heat in the Central Coast.

We have had a family meeting and we discussed moving house.

No one is really thrilled with this house. When we looked at it,it looked a lot bigger without any furniture. The kitchen is teeny,really teeny. So much so that we have another pantry in the hallway,another pantry in the garage and another cupboard in the garage with our baking implements in it. THATS how small the kitchen is.
The flies and the mozzies drive me NUTS. We had neither at our previous house. Unknown to us,there is some kind of swamp nearby which supplies the copious amounts of previously mentioned bugs.
The heat,it is really taking it out of me. I thought I could last until the girls left high school,which is another 3 yrs but I simply can not last that long.
So a decision has been made to save up and move back near our previous village. It probably will be after Miss Lizzie had done her HSC.
I may be a little excited!
We are going to open up a new bank account to save up so we can’t get at the money.
APOLOGIES to anyone who lives near us. This house just isn’t suitable for “us” and “we” would prefer to live further up the mountains. No insults about where you chose to live or your house or your family choices.


2 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Have you seen the savings challenge idea – cumulative savings start @$1 week and keep adding a $1 – in a year it is $1378.

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