DH’s brother popped into visit the other night.
As he came in the door,he ruffled my hair and said hi. (Umm I’m 52, not 3!!)
I apologised to him for not getting up as I had injured my back that day so he promptly grabbed my ankle and pulled! Then he tickled my foot.
I was livid. Of course it HAD to be my sore side where I had stepped off my front porch,expecting the floor to go on but it didn’t and I badly jarred my hip and my entire side.
Two of my girls came out to say hello to him. Now bear in mind that they haven’t seen him in over a year and this was about the 3rd time they remembered seeing him in their whole lives. Miss Lizzie put out her hand to shake his hand ,he put his hand into hers and grabbed her arm with his other hand and pulled her in and kissed her. She was horrified. We have never pushed physical affection with our girls if they aren’t comfortable. Miss Annie came out and he did exactly the same thing to her.

He is about 65ish. He really needs some lessons in personally space.

Both of the girls disappeared,not wanting anymore contact with him. I hobbled outside to water the garden.
Miss Annie put a note under Miss Mary’s door letting her know her was here visiting. Needless to say,she didn’t appear until AFTER he had left.
He left about 2 hrs later. We were all ( including hubby) relieved to see him go !


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