Thursday the 13th

Waiting….this is the part I don’t do well.

My bag is packed. Hubby is off filling the car with petrol and going to the bank. He is also getting the girls a treat for afternoon tea ( vanilla slices from a little bakery in Hazelbrook, they are heaven…..I remember them from when I was a gluten eater)

We need to leave in just under 2 hrs. It’s only an hour trip but we don’t know where we are going( I have only been to this hospital once before when visiting a friend) and I HATE to be late with a passion.

I told the girls yesterday and they calmly accepted my explanation of going to see a doctor late in the afternoon in Paramatta. I’ve been told the appointment will take between 2-4 hours so I didn’t want them to worry if we were late.

My bag is packed with some simple washcloth knitting,a magazine with puzzles,a pen,some gf snacks,coins for the car park and my referral.

At this point it’s just waiting,waiting,waiting…….I want to throw up. I just want it to be over and to know just what I’m dealing with.


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