Monday the 10th

Last night sleep was very hard to come by. I tossed and turned. I was awake early knowing I had a doctors appointment. I got my ear syringed out again and now it’s finally clear and I can actually hear for the first time in two weeks. Of course there is an infection so I have drops. I left the script at the chemist telling them I would be back in about 20-30 mins. I went and had a coffee and went back 30 mins later. They hadn’t even started on it! They were very apologetic.
I’m still very stressed and feeling like I have an elephant sitting on my chest. I even broke out the wine on Saturday night. Something I rarely do as I’m not supposed to drink with all my meds. I had a couple of glasses and enjoyed them very much.
Time seems to be dragging soooo slowly. I just wish Thursday would hurry up. I’m not sure what to tell the girls as to why I will be late on Thursday. Miss Annie isn’t happy with “it’s just an appointment”. I know they all care but I don’t want to stress them anymore than I need to.
I have so many thoughts swimming around inside my head,it driving me nuts. I can’t think straight and it’s such an effort to do normal things.


One thought on “Monday the 10th

  1. Even though your girls care deeply for them, you don’t have to tell them all of the truth right now. If there is a problem, you can tell them later. If it’s just a scare, no reason to stress them now. A friend used to say to me: Sometimes their right to not know is more important than your desire to tell.

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