Sunday the 9th.

I find myself holding my breath,like I keep forgetting to breathe. Then I sigh,deeply like I’m trying to catch up on oxygen.

I’m exhausted trying to be “normal”. Trying to concentrate on what the girls are saying. Trying to appear interested,making sensible comments. I ache all over. I feel like have I have been beaten up.

Usually I love the weekends with all my family being home but now I’m finding it so hard having to be “up”.

I’m sitting staring off into the distance not really noticing what I’m watching on TV or doing. I’m attempting to knit,thankfully it’s only stocking stitch so it’s pretty hard to stuff that up.

I don’t really want to eat but when I do,I want junk food and we have none in the house. So I wander around looking for food I know we don’t have. Silly eh?
My left ear is still blocked which is driving me nuts. I can’t hear a damned thing out of it.

I’m tired and sad and worried and Thursday can’t come soon enough.


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