I keep drifting off…….into nothing.

I keep finding myself staring off into the distance,having lost track of what I was doing or saying.

It took me ages to sort out a knitting problem,a whole A4 size page of mathematical calculations. I finally worked it out but now don’t have the energy to knit.

I feel adrift,like I’m floating on an ocean,no idea where I’m going or what I’m supposed to be doing.

We went to a twilight market last night. It was lovely. Lots of fabulous goodies to buy. We have tea there,DH and the girls had sausages in bread and DH even got a piece of chicken for me. Hubby and I had a coffee each. Miss Lizzy also had popcorn and jelly and a popper. She loves her food.

I got some Xmas pressies and some divine scents soy melts. One is called rainwater. It’s wonderful.

Miss Annie and DH had a band performance this morning. Miss Mary went with them. I was too tired and too sore. They had a great time.


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