Winter holidays

I finally finished Miss Lizzie’s cardigan.
I started it last august and it got too hot to knit during our very warm spring as it is knitted all in one piece.
Then there was the problem of choosing buttons.
I think it turned out pretty well.

Miss Lizzie was pleased too

We have a new kitty coming to visit. He is a little Siamese kitten and is just gorgeous. He has the most divine blue eyes and obviously lives with Raffy. He came to visit yesterday and we had lots of fun playing with him and patting him. He is very friendly and very cute!

I forgot to tell you that back on Miss Lizzie’s birthday we managed to set fire to one of the cats! We had candles on the table and Calypso jumped up on the table and brushed against a candle and caught fire! Thankfully only the very long bits of fur caught alight and then the fire went out as it came to get very thick fur. We all yelled at her and scared her to bits. The smell of singed cat fur leaves a LOT to be desired and we had to open all the windows to get rid of the horrible smell.

We went to katoomba yesterday to pick up Miss Annie’s new glasses. She loves them and is thrilled that she can see so much better. We went to The Little Paris Cafe in katoomba for morning tea. I love going there,the staff are always lovely,the service wonderful and the food and drinks are divine. I had a cappuccino and the girls had hot chocolates

Sadly I did something to my shoulder while I was out and spent the next 18 hours in extreme pain. I had a pain patch on and took some pain killers. Nothing helped. Thankfully a nights sleep seems to have helped bit I am still stiff and sore. The joys of fibro.