And the beat goes on…..

Lots of things have been happening………

The girls went to a comic-con event and had a ball. DH took them and spent 4 hrs wandering around nearby parkland. They got to see Grant from Mythbusters ,John Barrowman from Doctor Who and Torchwood and Stan Lee. They saw tons of people in cosplay and came home exhausted but thrilled to bits.

They all went to our Winter Magic festival. It was freezing but they all had a great time. Lots of free food (always a hit lol) Miss Annie came home with a gorgeous skein of wool for me.

I decided not to go to either of these events as walking almost anywhere just exhausts me and I didn’t want to keep the girls from enjoying themselves.

I cut my hair,well I actually shaved most of it off. It was driving me nuts as I sweat a large amount on my head. It is very freeing but I look like a cancer survivor.

The tremors on my left arm have been getting worse,they aren’t as frequent but seem to be more violent. The everlasting headache is still hanging in there,9 months now. The shakes are more prevalent now making doing fine motor things difficult.
A couple of days ago I twisted my knee,I was sitting down and turned in my chair with my hand on my knee.i felt my knee slide out under my hand and I screamed from the pain. It went back in but boy was it sore. Don’t think I fancy doing that again.
The black dog has been visiting again. He seems to have taken up permanent residence. It’s hard……very hard.

We celebrated Miss Lizzie’s 17th birthday. We just did pressies and dinner and cake. Miss Annie made a lovely chocolate cake and made it gluten free so I could have some too. Her favourite presents were a Tardis hoodie and cordless headphones.

I have almost finished Miss Lizzie’s cardigan from last year. I just need to finish the button holes and sew on the buttons and I’m done!

We seem to have acquired 2 new cats. Both live locally. One is a gorgeous pure white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. He looks a lot like Luna so we often thought Luna had gotten outside when we first saw him. He is very loving and smoochy. The girls named him Rafael. The other cat is a ginger tom who was VERY nervous at first but I won him over by sitting quietly with him outside and letting him come to me. He is adorable and I don’t think he gets much love or food at home. The girls named him Jace.
It has been very cold this week with raging winds. He sat on the back door step and looked very sad and cold. Miss Annie put a box with a towel in it for him but he wasn’t interested.

Here is a pic of Calypso in a bag looking cute.


Groundhog Day

Depression swirls around me like a black fog
Creeping around and seeping into my skin
Until I can think of nothing else
Everything is difficult
But the pretence must be kept up
Every day I crawl out of bed
After having tossed and turned all night
I eat breakfast
I have a shower
Get dressed
All of this exhausts me
I stare at the TV
When the girls come home,I smile and ask them about their day
I laugh and joke with them
They must never know the darkness in my soul
This goes on,day after day after day
Every day is the same
Is this what my life had become?
Is this all it will ever be?