Today is another day

As usual I slept badly last night,as I do most nights. I think I crawled into bed about 2am. Then I wake every hour or so when I get stiff and sore from sleeping in one position so I turn over and possibly go to the loo.
I woke last this morning determined to do something positive. So I decided to clean out the fridge (tomorrow is shopping day) and I made soup.

In the fridge I found carrots,broccoli,cauliflower,beans,pumpkin,tomatoes. From the cupboard I found onions,split peas,lentils and stock powder
Most veggies I chopped up using Bertie (my Bellini do everything machine) I would chop a few things,pop them into the pot and sit down for 10 mins or so.
I used a large pot on the stove top as I wanted to make at least two meals for my family of five (almost) adults.
It is now bubbly away nicely. Me,I’m still shaking from the effort of it but I’m pleased I managed to make 2 full meals out of almost nothing.
If anyone can suggest any cheap, easy to make meals,I’m all ears.

In order to pay off this accident bill,things are going to have to change rather dramatically around here.
Hubby is going to apply for a new credit card so we can pay off this bill. Ugh,I hate the thought of that but it’s the only thing we can do at the moment as I simply can’t pull money from thin air.

Wish me luck!


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