The day started off well. I woke early and went to the local village to go to the bank. I popped into a bargain shop to get some felt and buttons.

The walking bothered my back and hip. By the time I got home I was in a lot of pain. A cup of tea and some painkillers were in order.

A letter arrived from an insurance company. I backed into a car a few weeks ago while dropping one of Miss Lizzie’s friends home. The car was actually packed fully on the road and the road was very bowed from side to side. I did not see the car at all when I backed into it,until I heard a noise. There was a small ding about 5-6 inches round.
I did the right thing and went and found the owner of the car. Her first reaction “I hope you wrote it off,I hate that car”. Not quite the reaction I expected.
So the total cost of the repairs is $890. Our excess is $650. If we go through our insurance we will lose our ‘no claim bonus’ and our insurance will go up.
So we need to find the full amount. I have no idea where we will find this money ASAP.
It worries me no end. Due to the rent going up and other bills,Miss Annie’s Japanese trip has been cancelled. No to mention all the money we will lose when the budget goes through.
I feel so sad today. I have been reading blogs and seeing posts on FB. People have great lives. They get to go out with their children and families. Great outings. I feel so cut off from everything. To me it’s a good day if I leave the house and get to talk to someone. But I am paying for it with massive pain and loss of movement.
I worry that my girls are suffering because of my illness. Do they find their lives lacking? Do they feel different to their friends? I hate that I am ill all the time and in pain all the time.
That’s my whinge for the day.


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