Running on empty

I am a giver. I always have been.
I especially love to make things to give,name banners for new babies,little itty bitty cardigans,shawls,blankets,quilts,handbags and more.

I am also known for donating money,for many causes,parents beds in children’s wards,money to help keep people afloat in tough times,money for dinners,money for just about anything. I would be the first to put my hand in my pocket..sometimes it would just be a few dollars but if I could,it would be $50.

We have often struggled,through a lot of tough times,paying for IVF was hard. Moving meant saving up for a year. We don’t live a lavish lifestyle,we don’t drink at all,we don’t smoke,we don’t bet.
We don’t have expensive tastes,we live a simple life.

But now I’m running on empty.


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