A good day.

Yesterday was a high energy,low pain day. These come around very rarely.
I get so excited but try to rein myself in from doing.all.the.things.at.once!

I know I will crash the next day but I tried to enjoy it no matter what.

I got up early to take Miss Lizzie to the train as she was off to the city to see the lion King musical. She was so excited. Loves a bit of musical that girl.
Then I went to the supermarket,the post office,the bank and the newsagent.
Then I decided to treat myself a coffee. I went to my fave cafe,chose some magazines to read and sat down. It was lovely.

Then I went to the library,where I got a new card as mine has vanished. I got a great book on crochet and some magazines and some DVDs.

I came home. Did a load of washing,sorts out my meds,did the veggies for tea. At this point I hit the wall. So I sat down to watch a movie and do some knitting.

I know this probably sounds like a ‘normal’ day for most people but for me it was a HUGE day.
I woke this morning very stiff and very sore but it was worth it!


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