A Japanese adventure

Miss Annie is doing Japanese at school and there is a trip to Japan next year.
The trip is for 2 weeks and costs $2,400,which is pretty good for a 2 weeks overseas holiday.
So Miss Annie came to me with a plan. She wants to earn as much money as she can to put towards the trip. She plans to busk (playing music,her flute in public for tips) once or twice a week,she usually earns about $20 per session which is about 1-2 hrs.
She thought it might be a good idea to go to a local tourist spot where lots of Japanese tourists frequent. So on her sign,it will read” I am earning money to fund a study trip to Japan” this will also be written in Japanese.
I spoke to a Japanese friend and she suggested some phrases Miss Annie could use and also a popular Japanese song she could learn on her flute.
I told Miss Annie that if she could earn half of the money,we would try to find the rest.

So here is my plan so far,most weeks I take the girls out for afternoon tea while waiting for Miss Mary.which costs about $25. If we buy a drink and snack from the supermarket instead,we could halve that amount and it could be put towards the trip. I also get some videos each week,I usually spend $5-$7 so I decided to renew my library card and get them for free.
So there is about $20 per week.
I also have about $20 per week for myself to spend so I will put half of that each week towards the kitty as well.
Any other suggestions to save some extra money? She will also need a passport and some spending money.
If anyone wants to donate,email me and I will give you my paypal account details.
Miss Annie is soooooo excited and I would love for her to go. She is already working hard on her Japanese so she can speak well when she is in Japan. We never had these sort of opportunities when I was at school,so I would be thrilled for my girls to be able to experience another culture.
I love that she had a plan before she came to me to ask about the trip. Forward planner that girl.



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