Tomorrow is our 6 monthly rental inspection

These things make me ill.

The house was scrubbed within an inch of itself last week and tomorrow will just be the last minute things

Hubby has taken the day off so I can leave with the ahem “illegal critters” shhhhhhhhh

I can’t stand being here when she is here as the woman drives me bonkers. I have no idea how she holds down a job. She mixes up dates and information. Not professional at all and she had the cheek in her last email to tell me off for called her Ms xxxx as it was “too formal”.

I hate that these people can stroll through your house poking and wiping their fingers along things,like they own the place.

We have never failed an inspection but I still hate them. My stomach is filled with butterflies. I strongly doubt we will be evicted but the threat is always there.

We did own a house a long time ago,well the bank owned it and we were paying it off. We used the money from the sale to fund all our IVF attempts. The 3 results now live with us. Totally worth it but I long to own a house. To be able to paint the walls the colours I like and to be able to hang as many pictures as we like without having to beg for permission. To not cringe every single time someone hits a wall or makes a mark on the carpet.

If you can,send out some good thoughts 2.30-3.30pm nsw time tomorrow. They will be greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Inspection

  1. I do know that being judged is very difficult, if only you could accumulate Gold Stars so they can see you are a good tenant. Sending positive thoughts.

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