I wish there was some kind of app that could track spoons. How many you have for each day and it should know how spoons value can change. What is worth one spoon today could be worth two or even three spoons tomorrow.
It would need to predict your energy levels and change the spoons value accordingly. It should also have a warning alarm when you are approaching the end of your spoons for the day.

Of course this app is never going to exist. There are way too many variables.

On Saturday we had a big house clean as the ‘dreaded inspection’ is due this week. Nothing huge to do,just lots of little jobs that fall by the wayside every week.
I tidied two chest of drawers in the bedroom,tidied my pile of books beside the bed,sorted out my coffee/knitting table. Not a lot really,in the great scheme of things, unless you have fibro.

Sunday morning saw me waking at 8am with a million tiny gremlins banging away with hammers inside my head. A migraine, what a great reward for helping clean up. I took one dose of maxalt and a grabbed a bowl and went back to bed. Hubby woke not long after,took one look at the bowl and said “uh oh”. I woke a couple of times and spoke Swahili to my hubby and went back to sleep. I took another dose of maxalt and finally emerged from my coma like sleep about 5pm.
I was very shaky and could only stomach a cup of tea.

I obviously overdid my spoons for the day in a big way. I hate having to deal with spoons.


2 thoughts on “Spoons.

  1. I can definitely relate to this. I used up all of my spoons for tomorrow also. 😦 I pray your migrains go away soon and that you have strength soon.

    BTW- I didn’t know you knew Swahili!!!

    Love you my aussie sister!!!

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