A day out.




Saturday morning miss Annie and I got up early to go to the craft show. We packed out lunches and put on our most comfortable shoes and off we went.
It was about an hours drive,there wasn’t too much traffic so we chatted as I drove. We arrived about 30 mins before the doors opened so we could have a cuppa before we went in. We planned this so we got a little break before facing the crowds.
Watching people is a funny thing,a mum with 2 little girls,also having a cuppa. A sweet toddler,with the most gorgeous auburn curls was followed faithfully by her slightly older sister wherever she toddled. Lots of resigned older gentlemen there with their wives,which was lovely to see.
Lots of people stood in line,anxiously waiting to get in. This always amuses me no end…..you are going to be walking all day,why stand in line when you can sit like us,and walk in a couple of minutes later.

Finally the doors opened and people poured in. So many things to look at,it’s like being in a huge lolly shop,so many delicious things to fondle and enjoy.

Miss Annie made some purchases that she was very pleased with as did I. She loves to buy scrapbooking stuff to use to make cards. She got some great bargains and was very chuffed with herself.
I bought a kit to make a silk shrug. Black and magenta. I cast on as soon as we got home! Some delicious yarn to make some shawls and a fine yarn to knit a top that also becomes a shrug. Miss Annie spotted a owl back pack pattern. She convinced me to buy it and make one for her. I haven’t done much sewing lately so it will be nice to dust off the sewing machine. I lingered long over the last stall where they sold stainless steel that you can knit. Sadly I had run out of money but I did take their card.
There were some edible goodies to enjoy. I found a divine raspberry and almond gluten free muffin. I’m always thrilled to find something I can enjoy without worry of bring glutened.
We sat and ate our lunches and did some more people watching. By then we were both tired and out of money so we set off home. It was a fabulous day and we have already made plans for the next one!


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