A hint of winter

We have spent the last few days cocooned at home. Rain tumbling down outside. A wonderful respite after the long,harsh summer we have endured.

Movies were watched,books read,games played,knitting knitted,nails painted,kitties snuggled and bunnies hugged.

It gave us a small glimpse into what winter may be like and oh,how we all long for it.

It was just the girls and I as hubby had gone away for a weekend. A rare occurrence but something regarded as a bit of a treat as routine went out the window.

There was silly giggling and side splitting laughter,esp after I said ” my ting is tongueling” ,cookies were made and filled the house with the divine smell of baking.

Pies were popped into the oven for the girls for a simple but so enjoyed dinner. I made myself soft,gooey scrambled eggs with tiny pieces of chopped tomato and long slivers of grated cheese. A sprinkling of salt completed it and I enjoyed every single mouthful.

We emerge slowly in the morning,reluctant to leave our cosy beds,finally able to enjoy the weight of the blankets on our legs after many long months of sleeping on top of all the bedding. We stumble into the kitchen,sleepy good mornings are exchanged and the kettle is put on to make that much needed tea and coffee.

As we awake,smelling the aroma of the coffee and tea,we begin to chat. What will we do today? It is still raining and there is no car. Movies are decided upon. Popcorn will be made,it’s buttery scent filling the house,reminiscent of trips to the cinema. We close the curtains and bunker down to watch the chosen movie.

Winter is out there,we can feel it. It is so close. We await it’s coming with joy.


2 thoughts on “A hint of winter

  1. Oh yes, we had a little rain in the night, but it will be warm with 29s next week. You are so,lucky to have had a sneak preview of Winter, it sounds wonderful!!

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