Today is the start of the downward slope.
The girls have been back at school a week and are thriving.
The black dog always returns around this time each year and it gets harder and harder.
I miss their presence keenly.
I have learnt that speaking my mind is not appreciated and that I should keep my month shut,even if I’m offering good advice.
I have learnt that some people don’t want to face the truth about their own children and often dig their heads into the sand.
I have learnt that when dealing with love sick lotharios that the gently gently approach doesn’t work and you have to resort to threats of police intervention.
I’m learning that a new effect of my hideous disease is shaking like I have Parkinson’s disease which sucks.
I also have severe tremors,usually in my legs or arms which can be unsettling to my children.
One I hate,is after I have cooked a meal I am looking forward to,severe nausea hits and I can’t put a spoonful in my mouth.

The black dog is creeping in,silently and taking his place as my side.


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