2nd January 2014

Today Miss Lizzie gave blood. For the first time

I am so proud I could pop.

She was a bit excited and a bit nervous.

She was very brave

When she was asked why she had decided to give blood,she pointed to a poster and said “because of that little girl,we know her”

Miss Lizzie smiled the whole way through.

She got a sticker for her efforts

I took her out for an iced chocolate afterwards as a reward

I have to admit I felt a bit emotional,

My girl…..she is growing up.


3 thoughts on “2nd January 2014

  1. Kevin gave blood a couple of weeks ago and I was jealous! I lived in Europe during the Mad Cow scare and have been permanently “deferred” from donating here in the US. I had donated many, many times before that. I’m am so happy to see the next generation donating as it is really important.

  2. Thank you for donating. People like you, out of the kindness of your hearts, kept me alive for two years with lovely bags of packed red cells., Thanks you!!!

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