Day 30

I am grateful for the joy on Miss Mary’s face when she found a One Direction doona cover on sale and that she had enough money to buy it


Day 29

Today I am grateful that my girls are growing into such responsible people

Miss Annie decided she needed a new bookcase in her room.

So she chose it,paid for it herself,brought it home and assembled it totally alone and filled it with books

Gosh I’m proud


Day 27

I am grateful I can give my girls some variety for their school lunches
Today I made ham,cheese and pineapple muffins


Link here

The recipe said it made 6 muffins,so I doubled it and got 24 medium sized muffins!

I think Miss Lizzie liked them

What do you think?

So in the freezer ,ready for school we have: ham muffins,Devon sandwiches,ham sandwiches,fish cakes. Chocolate cake and banana bread.,frozen oranges.In the cupboard,mixed fruit and nut mix,homemade muesli bars.

Do you think that might keep them happy?