9th November 2013

Last week was hell.

I didn’t know if I would come through it

I spent most of it sleeping and trying to ignore the demons raging in my head

I cried a lot and I rarely cry

I had plans for nearly every day last week and I cancelled them all

Even my doctors appointment.

I was expecting a backlash over the fires but I wasn’t expecting it to be so fierce.

The heaviness is still there but it is a lot better

I feel a bit more hopeful

I talked about birthdays today with Miss Mary and Miss Annie

Just a month til they turn 14. Where does time go?

Dinner decided,cakes chosen.

Life goes on as usual.

The temperatures are over 30C again,it’s draining

I’m looking forward to some cooler days next week

A pic to make you smile

A teacher gave my typewriter mad girl a typewriter.

It filled her with joy



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