5th November 2013

The alarm sounds

My brain tries to recognise it

The constant noise

Over and over again

Finally my brain reaches into its depths

And it realises what the wretched noise is

I turn it off

Groan at the thought of getting up

Roll over and hope sleep will take me away again

The black dog is alive and living within me

I’m barely functioning

Only doing the bare minimum

i have to ring the bank

My heart fills with fear

I sit with the phone in my hand

Heart racing

I must ring,my card is out of date

I dial the numbers

I hear a computer voice

I press the buttons

“Please wait,your call is important to us”

Do they know how excruciating this is for me?

To sit here with the phone,waiting,waiting

All I want to do is run away

“Please wait,your call is important to us”

Answer the damn phone then!!!!!

Finally,a lady answers

She is lovely and couldn’t be more helpful

It’s over.

15 long minutes of stress

My heart still races,

My hands shake

But I did it.

Tomorrow I have to make 2 more

Oh hell.


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