29th October 2013

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was a quiet day,watching a movie and some knitting

Severe pain in my hip which made the evening fun.

I wanted to get up earlier today so I set alarms for 8am and 9am. I woke just before the 9am one.

I baked this morning,a zucchini slice for the girls’ lunches and chocolate cake also for lunch boxes

This did involve sitting down about 5-6 times but I did it!

I blocked 2 teeny baby cardigans for a friends premmie baby. Hopefully they will be winging their way across the pond soon.

A dislocated toe did make things a little difficult but I still managed to do it.

I am very pleased with myself.

I will do a bit of knitting before going to have afternoon tea with Miss Annie before picking the other girls up from vocal group.

It is still hazy outside from the fires still burning in Mount Victoria so we are still hanging the washing on the airers inside the house.

And the cicadas……..have I mentioned that I’m over them ? How do such little critters make so much noise?All bloody day……every day for over 6 weeks now.

Enough is enough

Go away!!!!


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