28th October 2013.

The skies outside are dark

Clouds filled with promises

I so want it to rain,to put an end to the destruction of the fires,some have been burning for 12 days

A good downpour for a few days would be wonderful.

So be able to snuggle down inside,without any concerns about the fires.

With good coffee,knitting,movies and chocolate.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

We took the girls to the worst affected area near us

They had seen it on the tv but I knew seeing it in real life would be a totally different thing

As we drove into town,we passed a police escort,with a white car bearing the royal standard of Denmark

Our Princess Mary and Prince Frederick had made an unplanned visit to view the fire site.

They turned up in jeans.shirts and joggers and spoke to many of the fire victims,there were many smiles and one little girl jumping up and down for joy as she had met a REAL princess. Their small gesture meant a lot to a lot of people.

I wanted the girls to see it with us, not in the bus on the way to school,incase there were any tears or fears or worries

We drove around looking at the massive areas of burnt bush,that seemed to go on and on for miles.

The girls sat in stunned silence,wide eyed at all the destruction,astounded that all that was once green and growing was now black and charred.

That burnt smell fills your nose and hangs on to the back of your throat.

We drove around for a while and we talked about it.

We discussed how some of their friends may react,those who had lost their homes. I told them some may not want to talk about it and some may want to talk about it,over and over again,trying to process it.some may only want to talk about the “new” stuff they had got since their houses burnt down. I told them there was no correct way to deal with it. People are different. I said the best thing to do was just listen or offer a hug or a hand to hold.

We came home and I was filled with panic. A terrible fear of being alone today and yet i badly needed a break from the girls who had taken to fighting and bickering about the silliest of things. I feared my head may explode if I had to listen to anymore of it,yet I was scared to be alone.

I took a sleeping pill so I would go to sleep at a decent hour and so my chest wasn’t filled with fear.

I slept a long time and woke to silence as the girls had gone to school. I feel calm. My fears unfounded.


One thought on “28th October 2013.

  1. Well that must have been exciting to see Our Mary!! I hope it rains soon, not flooding rain, just the right amount to make the smoke settle and all the fires go out.

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