24th October 2013

This time last week was when the wheels started to fall off

When the fires started and our lives and so many others went to hell

Yesterday was to be catastrophic weather event with raging high temps,low humidity and very strong winds.

We are prepared for the worst. We packed bags,documents,photos,pet food,some precious things and we waited.

It surprised me to end what our lives could be reduced to and how simple our lives could really be.

Thankfully we were not close to any of the fire fronts but that didn’t make it any easier. Nerves were stretched and emotions ran high. There was sniping over little things,arguments over movies and all round tension.

We watched movies and checked the net constantly

I was so stressed I couldn’t even knit!

The winds raged and the heat shimmered but thankfully most of it was contained thanks to the tireless work of the Rural Fire Services,Fire Brigade,State Emergency Services,Police,Army and more.

The RFS are volunteers,fabulous men and women who give up their time to protect our precious homes and lives.

The change came through last night and we all heaved a sigh of relief.

I slept last night properly for the first time in a week.

The bags are still packed,I can’t quite bring myself to unpack them just yet.

We got out of it well,so many….over 200 lost their homes and nearly that amount have been damaged.

Our school is offering a free summer uniform to all those affect and another school has donated book packs.

Through all this our Year 12 students have battled on doing their HSC ( higher school certificate) at other schools. Some even having to be relocated from other schools after they came under threat from fire.

The rest of the years 7-10 exams have been cancelled and they will use an average to get the results.

I feel like I have been run over by a truck.so tired and sore but very,very relieved the worst has passed. Fires still rage throughout NSW.

There is a little light of joy to share,Miss Annie and Miss Mary are off to a One Direction concert tonight,they are VERY excited to say to least. A lovely overseas friend helped chip in with some $$$ for the tickets. So they will head off tonight with their dad to forget the stress of the last week.


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