21st October 2013

The last few days have been spent on high alert. Although we are not in the direct line of any of the fires,things can change at any moment

DH and I decided not to send the girls to school today even though the school is open. It is still is the danger zone. I couldn’t have gone through Thursday afternoon again.

Over 200 houses have been lost and 100+ are damaged near the school. I can’t even begin to imagine.

We have talked a lot about what we will do in the event of a fire. About how we will get the animals out,about what special things we would take with us,what essentials to pack.

Miss Annie suffers from cabin fever so we try to get her out of the house for a few hours each days. A short drive to a nearby village for a walk and a milkshake.

Honestly,I’m a mess but trying hard to hide it. Days have been filled with movies and knitting. Mindless knitting that keeps my hands busy but doesn’t need a pattern as I don’t have the brainpower to follow one. Trying to think of cool,filling meals that will keep hungry tummies filled.

Temperatures will be hot today,36C where we are ,along with strong winds.

There is concern that all 3 fires may join up and become a mega-fire. That idea fills me with terror.

Smoke fills the air. All the washing had to be rewashed due to the smell. So we are washing and hanging the clothes inside the house on airers. Miss Mary and I are battling with breathing problems. Puffers are being used a lot.

DH spent a lot of the weekend cutting down branches and cleaning out gutters. Miss Lizzie continued his work today when he went to work.

I realised to my horror that our contents insurance hadn’t been updated so I hastily fixed that up yesterday.

DH’s work is worried about their residents and is thinking of moving them to other nursing homes in Sydney.

I just want to lay down and sleep and make it all go away. Sadly that wont happen. No rain is forecast for days.


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