19th October 2013

Yesterday started out as a normal day

It was to be rather hot so I told the girls to take plenty of frozen drinks and to drink plenty

About 2pm I discovered there was a fire near the girls school…….yes again.

Everything in me wanted to go and get them,but I thought no,it can’t be too bad.

If only I had listened to my gut……..

I started getting messages from the girls about 2.30pm saying they were to be evacuated and the road was blocked.

I started checking this on the net and the main and only road in was blocked by fire and a fallen tree in 2 separate places.

All the kids were rounded up and taken to the quad,then to the hall.

Thy just thought it was a prob with a small fire blocking the road

They had no idea it was a fire of catastrophic strength and that many homes would be lost and the fire would burn all the way down to Penrith and jump the Nepean River.

I was petrified and worried sick

I spent the entire afternoon with my iPad on my lap,reading an entire knitting blog and checking the RFSand RTAsites

DH arrived home about 4pm,had a cold drink and spent some time with a cold,wet cloth over his eyes. He had gotten a lot of dust and smoke in his eyes through his motorbike visor

I got messages saying the teachers had opened the canteen and were taking IOU’s for food and drinks.

We got some messages from Miss Lizzie saying some of her school mates were being picked up by parents so we decide that DH would drive down to see if he could get into the school to get the girls.

He drove down but was stopped by road blocks,he was able to walk to the next road block but was stopped there

He drove around Springwood and decided to get some food for dinner.

I got messages from the girls saying that buses had finally been let through and they would be evacuated to Springwood.

DH arrived home to the news that the girls were being bussed out. This was about 7.30pm.

So we both got into the car and drove down.

The lower end of Springwood was filled with police cars,lights flashing,buses and tons of school students and teachers.

I jumped out of the car and started to look for the girls

I pushed my way through all the frantic parents and children and finally spotted Miss Lizzie. She broke ranks and ran to me and I just held her,tightly.

We then found Miss Annie and Miss Mary,I hugged both of them hard.

We found their teacher and got them signed off the lists. I thanked the teachers for their extra effort.

We got back to the car and drove out.

The girls had NO idea just what had been going on or how bad it all had been. I had kept my messages fairly light so they wouldn’t panic.

On arriving home Miss Lizzie put the jug on to make tea,Miss Annie went online to see what was going on.

We all sat around and ate and drank and talked about what had happened.

I’m a big believer in letting the girls talk and talk after an event like this so they can process it all.

The girls spoke a lot about what had happened during the day and how well the school captains had helped with the students.

I thought we would watch a movie to de-stress and wind down.

So we watched The Incredibles and had a bit of a laugh.

DH went to bed as he had work today.

We had another cuppa and a check of the RFS sites and were horrified at just how far the fire had spread along with all the other fires in the state.

The girls went to bed about 11pm,I followed about 1am.

All of the schools and pre schools in the area have been shut down.

Many many thanks to all the volunteers who give up their time to fight fires and protect our homes and schools. Some of the RFS who were fighting the fires yesterday lost their homes.


3 thoughts on “19th October 2013

  1. Oh, it is so awful, and I am so glad you are all safe. Teachers do a fantastic job in times of trouble.I saw on the ABC that even though conditions are improving, there is still danger. The fire fighters and volunteers do the most wonderful job. Stay safe.

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