14th October 2013.

I’m feeling very low.The black dog has taken up residence again.

The weather is completely out of control with over 10 days over 30C,which is unheard of for this time of year

Bloody global warming.

And the cicadas, oh my……..they are the loudest I have ever heard and they have been going for over a month now. The constant noise is dreadful. In our backyard,you can’t hear yourself think.

It’s wearing me down. I can not wait until they stop.

I’m trying so hard to be “up” and “happy” for the girls but its so hard.

I can’t knit in the heat with thicker wools,so I haven’t finished Miss Lizzie’s winter cardigan and I had promised another friend I woould make hers. It’s just not possible in this heat and we don’t have air conditioning. I feel so bad about this. I hate making promises and not being able to to follow through with them. I feel like I have really let her down.

When we arrived home from our holiday,there were dramas between Miss Lizzie and the boyfriend. There was a suicide ( no one we know) but it impacted on us,plus there were other issues. I had to be the bad guy and tell Miss Lizzie to break up with the boyfriend.
She has exams coming up and I felt she did not need to be distracted by the b/f who can be,according to his mother,a bit drama queen-ish.

We had another major fire alert day last week with temperatures over 35C and strong winds. I decided to keep the girls home from school,after the drama of the last fire near the school. There is only one road into where the school is,so if fire took hold,they would not be able to get the buses in to bus the kids out to safety.

We went out yesterday to the Leura Village Fair. Lots of fabulous stalls and divine things to look at. I got a great tshirt for Xmas for Miss Mary and a lovely ring for Miss Lizzie. Then we went to Blackheath to have a picnic morning tea. Miss Annie wanted some necklace things to put crystals into(sorry don’t know the name) so we popped into the hippy type shop there to get some. I went into the House of Wool to get some buttons(gorgeous teeny teddy bear heads) and some wool.next stop the bookshop where we spent a lot of time.

Then to the local park where we had a picnic lunch. It was lovely sitting under the trees. Miss Mary decided to roll herself up into a burrito with the picnic rug


We drove home and I was exhausted. I slept I my chair for over 2 hrs. I hate my body. I sure know about it today. Sore back,sore hip,sore feet and I have a headache that is now going into the 18th day.

Thankfully it’s slightly cooler today but the cicadas are still serenading us.


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