10th September 2013

It was a hot and windy day. Very odd for the first weeks of spring

A bushfire sprung up near the girls high school. I went to collect Miss Annie and the traffic was very heavy so i pulled off the road and messaged her to come to the car. We went to the shops while we waited for the the others to finish music group.

We had a milkshake and chatted. Some of the shops started to close up even though it was only 3.30pm. We watched the smoke from the fire. I got a text from Miss Mary that they had been told to evacuate the school. MIss Mary,Miss Lizzie and their friend D,walked up to the shops to meet us. There were helicopters and the sound filled me with fear. The noise of choppers takes me right back to the fires of 94-95 when we were evacuated from our brand new house in Kariong and slept on the Gosford waterfront in a tent.

We drove home and passed many fire trucks. When we arrived home we found the tv news was filled with news of the fire. The main road had been cut off and they were preparing residents to evacuate.

The girls were frantic about some of their friends who live near the school. We watched the rfs site and the news. It burned and burned. For 3 days. Over 1000 hectares were lost. Thankfully no lives were lost but about 7 firefighters were injured.
School was cancelled on Wednesday but I had already made up my mind to not send the girls as there is only or road in and one road out.

It was very stressful for all concerned. I’m so pleased no one was killed and no homes were lost.

Ahhh the joys of living in the bush.

7th September 2013

Things have been a bit weird here lately as I have had poor Miss Annie home sick. She has some dreaded virus and has been home all this week. She is exhausted and I was worried at one point that she may have glandular fever but thankfully she does not.

We went to the Gluten Free Expo last Saturday and had a great time. Lots of goodies to try and some bargains to be had
These were some rather divine apple Danishes,English muffins and cheese rolls

Some great new cereal,a nut free Nutella and a lovely banana bread mix

A great deal here. We normally pay about $4 per packet of gf pasta. We got 10 bags for $10!

Wonderful banana bread. I bought 2 loaves. It’s was very delicious

It was a great day out although it wore poor Miss Annie out.