26th August 2013

Today Miss Annie and I actually left the house
Woohooooo!!!! It has been nearly a week since we had left the house,due to poor Miss Annie being so ill.
We popped into a local village for a cuppa and a little look around.

It was SO nice to get outside and enjoy the springlike weather.

We went into the local op shop and Miss Annie got a lovely top and a hat. I picked up a paperback for only $2.

Poor Miss Annie has been just exhausted. This bug has really taking it out of her. She is hoping to go back to school tomorrow. I’m not sure if she will last the whole day.

I’m going to the last day of my course tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Hubby cut his finger rather badly at work today. Not nice.

I managed to cook dinner tonight,we had apricot chicken,rice and vegetables. It was lovely.

I have started Miss Lizzie’s cardigan. With some gorgeous cherry red wool from Bendigo Wool Mills

A pic of the gorgeous Calypso



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