23rd August 2013

Yesterday was not a good day. A day filled with pain from head to foot. Every joint and muscle. It was such a relief to go to sleep last night.

It was also a day filled with hugs,The Hobbit,cappuccinos,hot chocolates and knitting. Miss Annie is still sick. Poor sweetie. She had a nap at 3pm and again at 5pm. She was awake reading til 1am and then slept til 11am.

Dinner was a BBQ chicken and chips which the kids always think is a treat.

Miss Annie went to feed her bunnies after she woke up and discover that both were missing. Tears and despair followed. We were both running around the yard in our pjs. I found Mocha hiding behind a plant pot. Latte took much longer to find. Minutes passed and fear grew. Latte finally appeared. She did not want to be caught. It took quite a while and involved celery,lots of running and finally a towel to catch her. Poor Miss Annie was a mess with relief,but lots of hugs and love calmed her.

My latest knitting project is coming along very well. It’s simple but lovely and I am letting the gorgeous wool shine through.

The rest of my Xmas order from JB Hi Fi came yesterday. I am truly impressed with their service. I will definitely be using them again. Their delivery charges are very reasonable.

The wind is still wild and woolly. I wish it would end. I hate it when it’s windy. So do most of the pets,the cats especially get crazy when it’s windy.


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